kenmochi laboratory

¡ù×Ä¡ù×Ä¡ù×ÄGraduate Students (PhD or Master course¡ËRecruitment¡ù×Ä¡ù×Ä¡ù×Ä

We are looking for graduate students. Our research is on genomics and molecular biology of gene expression mechanisms with the key word RIBOSOME: the protein synthesis factory of every living cell. Major research accomplishments till now are development of animal models for ribosome-associated human diseases, functional analysis of introns?,database construction. Our model organism is zebrafish. This lab has started in 2002 and we are a relatively young bunch of motivated people pursuing their dreams in a relaxed and friendly environment. We also have three foreign researchers (two students and one post-doc) who can help you improve english communcation skills. We are not very keen on which background you come from but we welcome people who are sincere, motivated and have the desire to perform and excel. If you are interested in specific topics, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone.



Contact Person¡¿Yoshihama

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