kenmochi laboratory

上地 珠代

Self Introduction image_773.jpg
Name うえちたまよ
Designation 研究員
Qualification 2003.3 琉球大学医学研究科博士課程修了
Affiliated scientific society 日本分子生物学会/日本RNA学会
Hometown 沖縄
Date of birth 4月7日
Blood type O型
Zoomancy 黒ヒョウ
Motto Chance favors only the prepared mind.
Best thing about research? 現研究室メンバーに出会えたこと
Ever thought of quitting study? 今までに2度ほど
One final word 居心地が良すぎてこわい

Major Achievements


 1.Functional second genes generated by retrotransposition of the X-linked ribosomal protein genes.  Nucleic Acids Res. 2002

 2.A complete map of the human ribosomal protein genes: assignment of 80 genes to the cytogenetic map and implications for human disorders.  Genomics. 2001