kenmochi laboratory

比嘉 三代美

Self Introduction
Name 比嘉 三代美(Higa Sayomi)
Designation 博士研究員
Qualification 琉球大学大学院医学研究科博士課程修了
Affiliated scientific society 日本分子生物学会、日本RNA学会
Date of birth
Blood type B
Zoomancy (華やかな)こじか?
Likes 帰省
Favorite color むらさきとあおいろ
Favorite food チョコとジャーマンケーキと沖縄そば、マンゴーも
Least liked food 牡蠣とか
Favorite actor
Best thing about Miyazaki
Recent interest things
When you relax
Recent Ambition
If your wishes come true one day
If you have 1 billion yen?
What will you be after 10 years?
Do you want to be on TV?
TV programs you watch the most?
Best thing about research?
The most difficult thing in studies?
Have you ever been to stop your research?
What according to you is Molecular Biology?
One final word

Major Achievements

 1.Higa S. Maeda N. Kenmochi N. and Tanaka T. (2002)  Location of 2'-O-methyl nucleotides in 26S rRNA and methylation guide snoRNAs in Caenorhabditis elegans.  Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 297(5) 1344-1349

 2.Higa S. Yoshihama M. Tanaka T. and Kenmochi N. (1999)  Gene organization and sequence of the region containing the ribosomal protein genes RPL13A and RPS11 in the human genome and conserved features in the mouse genome.  Gene 240(2) 371-377