kenmochi laboratory

Naoya Kenmochi

Self introduction
Name Naoya Kenmochi
Designation Professor、FrontierRI kiyotake center
Biography Graduated from Tohoku Univ.。Then moved to Niigata Univ. followed by Univ. of Ryukyus. At present in Miyazaki University Medical Faculty。
Affiliated scientific society Molecular Biology Society of Japan、Japanese Biochemical Society、RNA Society of Japan、Japanese Society of Human Genetics、American Society of Human Genetics
Home town Niigata
Date of birth 15th December
Blood type A
Favorite Color Dark
Favorite food Sea Squirt、Squid sashimi、Tofu
Least liked food もそもそする物
Favorite actor
Speciality 耳を自由に動かせる
Best thing about Miyazaki 広々していて天気も良いこと
One thing that interests you the most? 明日の天気
When you relax 温泉、ジム、水泳
Recent ambition スピード社の水着で泳ぐ
If your wishes come true one day
If you have 1 billion yen?
What will you be after 10 years? 考えたことがない
TV programs you watch the most? NHKの朝ドラ
Best thing about research? 最高の感動を与えてくれる
Most difficult thing in study? できればハッピー
Ever thought of quitting study? 1年間やらなかったことがある
What according to you is Molecular Biology? 自由に夢を描けるキャンバス
One final word 一緒に研究をやってみませんか?

Major Achievements