kenmochi laboratory


Self Introduction
Name Margot Bekhuis
Designation Student (master)
Qualification BSc Biology、with a minor in Medical Biology. Currently doing the master Medical Biology at the Radboud University Nijmegen
Affiliated scientific society Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands)
Hometown Wierden (Netherlands)
Date of birth 22 December
Blood type A+
Zoomancy Black Panther (I didn't even know a zodiac sign like this existed!). Chinese zodiac: Snake、European zodiac: Capricorn
Likes Cute things、nature、warmth、sleeping、eating
Favorite color Green (most of the time)、but I like all colors
Favorite food Onigiri、most food associated with festivities、apples、tea、chocolate、sweet stuff in general
Least liked food Milk、coffee、Brussels sprouts、boiled chicory
Favorite actor Don't know、depends on my mood and the movie
Speciality Concentration? Or maybe a better description: being able to withstand/ignore even the most annoying people (my younger brother is the only person that was able to make me angry (happened 3 times)
Best thing about Miyazaki The people、weather、the view of palm trees
Recent interest things Crocheting; making soft、cute things
When you relax Reading、dozing off (preferably in the sun on the grass)、surfing on the internet、gardening、crocheting、eating
Motto Don't have one、but sometimes I have recurrent thoughts like "you did that yourself、why complain?" when people do stupid things
Recent Ambition Finding a way to eat without tooth decay
If your wishes come true one day Enjoy my life even more
If you have 1 billion yen? Buy a nice house with a big garden and some expensive jewelry
What will you be after 10 years? I hope I will be a post-doctoral researcher、owning a house with a garden、who gains a little bit of extra money by selling crocheted stuff
Do you want to be on TV? No、not at this point in my life. Maybe behind the scenes.
TV programs you watch the most? I mostly watch movies、the only series I watch now is The Big Bang Theory. Most of the time I prefer using my laptop over the television.
Best thing about research? I really like it when things work out
The most difficult thing in studies? Deadlines (and recently making gels)
Have you ever been to stop your research? No、but I barely started (sometimes when I'm in a bad mood I wish my life was less demanding、but that never lasts long because I chose to live like this
What according to you is Molecular Biology? A really nice way to be surprised sometimes (and to surprise other people)
One final word When there was face paint for children at any festival、instead of being painted as a normal animal or a princess or something like that、 wanted to be a blue-green sea monster :D Still seems a nice thing to be.

Major Achievements