kenmochi laboratory

Maki Yoshihama


Self Introduction
Name Maki Yoshihama
Designation Post Doctoral Fellow
Qualification PhD、2002、The University of the ryukyus
Affiliated scientific society The Molecular Biology Society of Japan、The RNA Society of Japan
Hometown OKINAWA
Date of birth 18th December
Blood type O
Zoomancy wolf
Likes snoopy、lovebird、lottery
Favorite color pink、green、purple、beige、brown
Favorite food ice cream、Umeboshi、rice、dried nori
Least liked food
Favorite actor GACKT
Speciality allurement
Best thing about Miyazaki garden truck、fair weather
Recent interesting things Probably cooking
When you relax I like going for a walk.
Motto enjoy oneself
Recent ambition add a new category of magic spell.
If your wishes come true one day ゴルゴ13になって、某国の誰かさんにあんなことやこんなことをしてやりたいです。
If you have 1 billion yen? 派手に親孝行する、慎ましい家を建てる、慎ましく車を買う、高級焼き肉屋さんで慎ましく食事をする。
What will you be after 10 years? 先の事を考えると、暗い気持ちになります。
Do you want to be on TV? 緊張するのは辞めておきます。
TV programs you watch the most? 天海祐希や、小雪が出るようなドラマが好きです。
Best thing about research? どこでも生きて行けるような気がして来た。
The most difficult thing in studies? 笑ってごまかせられない歳になってきた。
Ever thought of quitting research?
What according to you is Molecular Biology?
One final word

Major Achievements


Yoshihama M, Nguyen HD, Kenmochi N.  Intron dynamics in ribosomal protein genes.  PLoS ONE 2(1): e141. 2007

Yoshihama M, Nakao A, Nguyen HD, Kenmochi N.  Analysis of Ribosomal Protein Gene Structures: Implications for Intron Evolution  PLoS Genet. 2(3): e25. 2006

Yoshihama M., Uechi T., Asakawa S., Kawasaki K., Kato S., Higa S., Maeda N., Minoshima S., Tanaka T., Shimizu N. and Kenmochi N.   The human ribosomal protein genes: Sequencing and comparative analysis of 73 genes.  Genome Res. 12: 379-390, 2002