kenmochi laboratory

鳥原 英嗣

Self Introduction 15.jpg
Name Hidetsugu Torihara
Designation Graduate Students(PhD)
Qualification Faculty of Science. Kumamoto University -> Graduate School of Medicine. Miyazaki University
Affiliated scientific society The RNA Society of Japan /The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
Hometown Miyazaki
Date of birth September 14th
Blood type B Rh+
Likes Fishing
Favorite color sky blue
Favorite food Curry
Least liked food
Favorite artists
Favorite actor
Speciality DIY
Best thing about Miyazaki Nature
Recent interesting things
When you relax
Motto GO FOR IT !
Recent Ambition 2010年W杯観戦
If your wishes come true one day
If you have 1 billion yen?
What will you be after 10 years?
Do you want to be on TV?
TV programs you watch the most?
Best thing about research?
The most difficult thing in studies?
Ever thought of quitting research?
What according to you is Molecular Biology?
One final word

Major Achievements