kenmochi laboratory

Welcome to Kenmochi Lab

We, at the Frontier Science Research Center-RI, University of Miyazaki, work on genomics and molecular biology of gene expression mechanisms with the key word RIBOSOME: the protein synthesis factory of every living cell.

Our research activities are a diversified combination of bench and desk research. Major research interests are development of animal models for ribosome-associated human diseases, development of gene knockdown transgenic animals, functional analysis of introns,structural bioinformatics, functional analysis of non-coding RNAs, database construction and so on.

Our animal model is zebrafish, a tiny fresh water fish with a tremendous potential as a vertebrate model. Because of its several inherent advantages over other animal models, zebrafish is rapidly becoming the model of choice among biologists all over the world.

We have a very warm and friendly group of young and dynamic researchers and students from various fields of science. Together we form a close network of people who believe in encouraging the spirit of research and innovation.